I made a lot of Camera Stabilizers

This site provides a summary reference DIY.I hope you read my reference of DIY,and make your stabilizer easy.

Camera stabilizer MOVIE

My freind make a short movie.He use this model. after 1:00~

No stabilization by Youtube,No Optical Image inside camera,No software stabilization.

Why did you make?

I thought it was easy,but....Umm..I made a lot of homemade camera stabilizers.I made bad imitation from works product.I was failure.I cannot make enough it.My VIDEO was shaking.I thought my product were some mistakes.So, I chang the shape. I repeated experiments.

Do you buy it! Or make it?

Make a mountain of a failure, can be time-consuming."Merlin" is not expensive.By the action of a week, buy a Marlin.In one week, to make their own Merlin.Making is difficult.There is a prerequisite for making.


There are a lot of armchair detective in Japan.I was saturated in their commentary. So I write in English.Should I put out the answer to experiment to make.The first to the experiment. The second thing to think about experimental results. The most important thing is simple. Steadicam video tells us the answer.

Armchair detective sometimes fail, but the laws of physics do not lie.Camera manufacturers in Japan was too much work.Required? Lens correction of 3-axis? Please buy a tripod.There is no need for projector.

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